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Maybe I've been living under a rock, but how did I go this long without discovering that there are podcasts on writing you can download for free. I have found they are a great way to keep my mind sharp on writing while at my desk job or in the car or doing house work. All the things that cannot be avoided and suck time out of my writing schedule.

Some of the ones that I listen to are:

Check one of these out and let me know what you think!

Lyla Campbell
I saw this story on my morning news crawl just moments ago (see the link below). After nearly falling out of my desk chair laughing, the infinite possibilities of how this woman got herself into this situation began scrolling through my mind. It was just too good not to share!

So, for a writing exercise: write 3 very different versions of how this woman got into such a stickey wicket. Going the extra mile: turn your favorite version into a short story.

Naked Woman Rescued From Cliff in California -

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! I'll see you all on friday with a new Writing Week in Review.
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Lyla Campbell

It's Friday. And I know that is usually a really fabulous thing for all I'm in the dentist office under anesthesia getting my second round of dental work done. FUN! Nonetheless, I planned ahead and scheduled this post the night before.

So, without further ado, here's the Writing Week in Review!

Happy Writing Weekend Everyone! I'll be back with a new post as soon as I'm fully with the land of the living again.

Lyla Campbell

Writing is something we've been doing for a long time. Longer than the iPad, personal computer, or even paper has been around (clay tablets came before paper if you recall.) Now, I prefer the android OS, but to be completely egalitarian, I'm going to note witch programs are good for the iPad as well. Below you will find some of the best programs out there to aid you in your writing.
  1. My Writing Spot: This one has some great features like allowing you to email documents from the program, it syncs with it's web version so you can manage your documents from any computer with web access, and it keeps up with your word count among other great things. (good for Droid and iPad. Note: there is both a free version and one with a price)

  2. AK Notepad: This app is great for jotting down quick notes and ideas before they evaporate from your cranium. It's simple and easy to use. (For Droid)

  3. Outliner: A great app that allows you an unlimited number of outlines, due dates, and keeps track of status to help you stay organized. As an added bonus the back button always saves the data. This one is more for the front side of your project. (For Droid and iPad)

  4. Thinking Space: This fierce flow charting app lets you outline in a more colorful way. You will see your ideas laid-out in an organized fashion and make some serious progress. (For Droid)

  5. ColorNote: Keep your ideas organized through color coding. Set reminders so that you can badger yourself into finding time to write. This app also lets you set passwords if you want to keep your ideas secret until you're ready to unleash your writing greatness on the world. (For Droid)

Although, I still love writing by hand in my notebook from the bottom of my heart. I can't deny that technology sometimes makes life a lot more organized and efficient. Hopefully these tools will help reduce the friction on your writing path and get you to your destination more quickly and easily.

Let me know if you have a favorite app or program that you like to use!

Lyla Campbell

Happy Friday everyone! It's a beautiful and sunny morning here in Houston, an absolutely fabulous start to the weekend. In order to get your writing juices flowing, check out the following links I've stumbled upon in the last week:

Hopefully this group of links holds some help and inspiration for you. Have a happy weekend of writing!

Lyla Campbell

It's another beautiful Friday! Here are some of the writing resources I came across this week:

  • Barbarians: The Character Meme of 2011

  • Beat Blank Page Syndrome: 10 Tricks to Get Your Writing Started

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Novel Unforgettable

  • 11 Reasons You Won't Get Published

  • 9 Traits of Sympathetic Characters

  • What Makes Readers Care About Your Characters?

  • A Classic Nontextbook on Writing

    • I got some great feedback on my last Writing Week in Review so I'm going to make this a regular Friday blog post.

      Let me know if there are topics yous guys are particularly interested in and I'll dedicate a week to links on those as well.

      I hope everyone has a fabulous writing filled and productive weekend!