Lyla Campbell

When a miracle occurs and I find time to write, creative juices are churning in my brain, but the idea of spending any more time at my keyboard (after a 9 hour day in front of my computer at work) is literally too painful to bear.

During emergency situations like this, when overcoming static fiction seems impossible, I dust of my notebook, grab a pen, shut off the light, light a few candles, then proceed to kick it old school. Scribing down words and phrases with a rhythm that only writing in cursive can create. Often, this is the 180 degree turn I need from my all too computer dominated life. It feels good to do something so drastically different and suddenly, writing doesn't seem like such a chore.

In fact, today falls under that emergency situation categories. And ditching my computer is like a breath of fresh air for my head. (And I frequently need a refill of fresh air between my ears.)

So, as soon at this is posted I'm shutting down my computer and scratch out some progress on my manuscript.

What do you do in writing emergencies to keep your progress rolling?
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3 Responses
  1. Jeff King Says:

    I work outside all day, no computer in site.
    so when i get home clicking the comp on is the first thing i do.
    Writing comes easy, finding the time isn't... dealing with a wife and 2 kids, eats up alot of time.
    one thing i do need to write, is quiet, and thats hard to come by, that's why i do most of my writing at night.

    best of luck.

  2. I don't work except on my writing but I love doing what you do, take out a pen and paper and get back to basics.


  3. Rhonda Says:

    I love going old school like that! I do all my plotting w/ pen and paper, and if I get too bogged down and frustrated w/ my writing I break out the notebooks and tackle it that way. I don't know why but it seems to help!

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