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2009 is going out in style with a full moon shining on New Year's Eve. It's not just a full moon, but a blue moon too, as this is the second full moon of the month. (Is it just me or does that sound like a great beginning for a sci-fi/fantasy novel?)

With the new year and new decade looming just a few days ahead on the horizon, I've got my usual end-of-the-year itch to make some big changes in my life. As you could probably guess from the title of this post, one of my resolutions is to fit more time for writing into my schedule.

Unfortunately, just like most other people out there, my resolve to follow through on my resolutions dries up about two weeks into the new year. However, this year I'm taking a completely different approach. I'm not waiting for the new year to roll around before I start trying to tackle my resolutions. I figured if I gathered some momentum going into 2010, the promises I've made to myself might have a better survival rate.

Of course finding more time to write isn't ever as simple as it sounds. So, I took a step back and asked a question every writer should ask themselves: "What usually prevents me from writing?" For me, the answer is always: A Messy House! Many of you out there may be able to block out the chaos and the clutter, but it drives me to distraction and my productivity plummets. It was by this thought process that landed on my two-fold resolution:

1. Purge house of clutter & get it squeaky clean. Now, with a more low-maintenance domicile:

2. Find more time two write.

I've already put #1 into action. Hoping to get some of that afore mentioned momentum, I came home on Saturday night and started overhauling my bedroom, bathroom, and closet. I'm happy to say 90% of those rooms are finished and I plan to keep truckin' even after I put up this post.

Resolution #2 is very open to interpretation so I decided to give myself the following parameters:
  • Schedule at least 3, writing sessions a week.
  • Each session must be a minimum of 1 hour during the week, 3 hours on the weekend.
  • Blogging only counts for 1 of those writing sessions.
  • Put up more blog posts - 3 or 4 per week.

Hopefully, this will be the next step in turning my writing into something more than just a hobby.

So, what's your biggest road block on the writing highway? And how are you planning on getting around it in 2010?
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  1. Great goals. You should read my blog on a writing schedule that's not too demanding. I know for me personally, I need my writing space clean in order to write. My goal: write two books this year (editing not included)


    here's the link:

  2. Way to go on goal setting! It'a all work out.

  3. Very nicely put! I wish you luck in keeping up with all of your goals.


  4. Jill Says:

    Those are some great, achievable goals. I love the layout of your blog, it's so cute and the pen with the search engine is adorable!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I think your tidy house thing is displacement.
    When PG Wodehouse was asked what the secret of writing was, he replied that it's to apply the seat of your trousers to the surface of your chair.
    You have to just do it, there is no alternative to time just spent doing it. Don't clean your house again, just do it!

  6. My resolution for 2010 is the same as it was for 2009.


    Things will get in the way. Kids will need new shoes. Dinner needs fixin' but in the world there are those who write and those who don't. My resolution is to be among the former.

  7. Dawn Herring Says:

    I reassure myself life will happen, messes will be made, the house will not be squeaky clean (certainly not with two teens abiding!). I do the best I can, and use my life experience to add fodder to my writing. Having specific chunks of writing goals accessed and written down makes it easier to accomplish them. Plus I created a writing calender to keep track of what I do each day as a motivator. Usually I write for an hour at a sitting if I don't get interrupted. ;)
    Glad you got yourself organized. Clutter can impede creativity. It also affects the energy flow in the home. So, no time wasted there.
    Love the layout and design of your site!

  8. Rhonda Says:

    Getting organized and making your environment more "you" friendly is an amazing idea. I can't function in a messy environment either (squeaky clean would be amazing).

    Good luck with the purging and cleaning and with keeping the rest of your resolution as well. I'm going to have to give some serious thought to what's standing in my way as a writer and see what I can do to resolve those issues. Hmmmm....

  9. Thanks to everyone that comented on this post! It's good to see that I'm not the only writer out there who has found that life gets in the way. I know this is especially true for those of us who work a 40 hour week or have little ones to take care of!

    Good luck to all of you out there with writing goals in 2010!

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