Lyla Campbell

From the cube of Lyla Campbell (yes, that is really what my cube looks like. I like to think of it as organized chaos.)...

As seen in my profile blurb there to the right, during the 9 to 5, I'm an engineer. More specifically I work on water distribution systems. A.K.A the thing that makes the water come our of your faucet when you turn it on. When communities want to add on more houses or need a permit renewal, we model their system to show them what they can do and any changes they need to make. My during the day my weekday world is dominated by 99.9% numbers-and-figures-geekyness.

I thought when I came to work 4 years ago that the office environment would be one of quiet productivity and efficiency. Wow, was I wrong. My cube is surrounded by 8 others along with multiple offices on either side of our open area. It's loud. The guys just on the other side of my cube wall love "your mom" jokes and make fun of each other on a regular basis throughout the day. Many of my coworkers don't realize how much their voices carry and as a result I can hear their phone conversations with plant operators, clients, and your mom (yes, sadly the your mom thing grows on you after a while.) I listen to music most of the day to drown out this background bedlam.

Despite the din of the office, surprisingly, I find my job very satisfying. I really like what I do. Unfortunately a dark, dark cloud looms over my workplace...The coffee really sucks. I mean really. It smells like burning dog food while it's brewing and singeing on the hot plate. OK, I'm being nice. Or office coffee is truly a crime against humanity. As a blessing and a curse, we have a Starbucks downstairs. The blessing: better coffee (The dark cherry white chocolate mocha is so good you just might pee on your desk chair a little). The curse: It's a huge drain on my wallet.

The Solution: Desktop Mocha.

  • One cup of coffee

  • One packet of hot cocoa mix

  • A dash of tap water (this helps water down the burned taste of the coffee)

    • This combination equals slightly more palatable coffee.

      So, What kind of coffee (or tea) voodoo do you employ to satiate your coffee cravings?

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      1. Deliberated Says:

        I am slightly spoiled. My husband wakes up a couple of hours before me each morning and makes my coffee. Each morning, all I have to do is heat it up. We have a fancy coffee pot that grinds the beans, and I have never once used it. I have thought many times about what I would do if he were to divorce would I make my own coffee? I know there is some Creme-Brulee' creamer in it and we've recently started using Splenda instead of real sugar (can't tell the difference by the way), but other that that I would be clueless. So, I feel for you in your quest for better coffee. It must really suck to not get what you need to get going!

      2. chadmawn Says:

        LOL... I used to mix coffee and Swiss Miss cocoa when I worked at a factory in Upstate New York many years ago. And I did it for the exact same reason you do. The coffee we had in that office stunk. :)

      3. Amy Drinkie Says:

        We call that the "Poor Man's Mocha" where I work. Now I perk my own at home (yes, I am old skool like that) and spike it with International Delight creamer. It's seriously better than the Starbucks by my house.

        Maybe do your own at home and bring a Thermos to work? I saw some slick looking ones at Target the other day by the commuter mugs...

      4. Sarah Says:

        My last office had a Flavia machine, and this is the best I came up with: first, I put some cream and sugar in the bottom of the cup, then a packet of Butter-Nut hot cocoa. Then I'd put a Chai packet in the Flavia machine and brew it in. Voila! GINGERBREAD DELICIOUSNESS.

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