Lyla Campbell

This morning I ran across this article during my morning news crawl through the interwebs. Given my zeal for coffee, I felt compelled to share this on my blog.

Morning Jolt: 20 Most Caffeine Addicted Cities in the US

The most fabulous Houston, TX (my hometown) ranks #15!

Did your city make the list? If not, any urges to move to one that did due to your coffee craving?
3 Responses
  1. Yenta Mary Says:

    Detroit is #19, but that's not good enough; my boyfriend and I together could've put Ann Arbor on that map!!!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    And Denver is #4! Huzzah! Come and have a cup of coffee with me in the mountains!

  3. Stevie Says:

    Proud to live in the #1 most caffeinated city! Woohoo Seattle! I'm drinking Starbucks as I write this :-)

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