Lyla Campbell

This one is for the ladies...

What if Cinderella's Prince Charming wasn't so charming after all? What if the glass slipper was more of a blister producer than Cinderella's saving grace?

I really love using fairy tales and mythology as a seed for new story ideas. So many permutations of the story can be created by asking those "What if?" questions. In the end you'll end up with something unique and very different from the classic tale that served as your inspiration.

As for the story behind the picture: Yes, that is the urban shoe myth...the Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane. It's sitting on a set of maps/drawings on my desk. I feel shoes like that create a nice balance in my life given the uber nerdyness that often goes along with being an engineer.
2 Responses
  1. Jeff King Says:

    Could be for dudes as well, just depends on the dude.

  2. Amy Drinkie Says:

    I completely agree about shoes contributing to balance in life.

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