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With three works in progress sitting stagnant on my hard drive (along with a few partials too), I've started yet another outline.

The reason...

NaNoWriMo approacheth!!! I know many of you are NaNo veterans. But if are in need of enlightenment: NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month. In November of every year WriMos wait with baited breath, fingers tips poised with anticipation above keyboards, for the clock to strike 12 on Halloween night. Beginning at that moment, you have 30 whole days to write a complete story arc with no fewer than 50,000 words. That averages out to be 1,667 words per day. Essentially, NaNoWriMo is a swift kick in the writing pants. (Want more specifics? Check out the Official NaNoWriMo Site)

This will be my 3rd year to do NaNo and my phalanges are already tingling with joy! This year I will write more dangerously and with more abandon. This year I will break through writer's block more quickly and embrace underthinking the plot. This year will be the most fantabulous NaNo yet!

So, I'm piecing together a completely brand spanking new outline rather than working on a previous WIP.

Decided to do NaNo? Add me as a writing buddy! My NaNo Name is: Daria03

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  1. K. L. Kerr Says:

    I'm trying not to think about NaNo this early, else I won't be able to get anything else done in the meantime. This will be my second year - winning for the first time last year left my buzzing for weeks afterwards - and I'm very looking forward to start again. Also, not sure whether I'm being a complete NaNo newb, but I don't seem to see anywhere on the site to add writing buddies, only to view and remove existing ones. If you would like to add me, I'm on there as Penrefe, or point me in the right direction to add you =)

    Good luck when it rolls around!

  2. Penrefe,

    It's always good to meet fellow WriMos! Adding writing buddies on the NaNo site isn't immediately obvious...

    1) Click on the "Search" Link on the menu bar at the top of the page

    2) Click on the "Authors" Tab

    3) Type in either the NaNo Username or author/novel info.

    4) Click on the user name of the person you want to add

    5) Click on "Add as buddy" link under the picture and then confirm that you do want to add them.

    Hope that was helpful...

    Thanks for joining the blog! :-)

  3. Nikki Says:

    I'm planning my NaNo at the moment too! I'm working on my WIP at the moment which is a book that needs a slower rate of progress, but I have a steampunk adventure lined up for November which should lend itself well to a month-long rampage!

  4. Jeff King Says:

    My work suffers from an outline... i write much better and above my ability if i write from the cuff.

    good luck

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