Lyla Campbell

How to pad your word count...

It's day 9 of NaNoWriMo we're almost a third of the way through and all though I'm still typing full steam ahead, I'm looking down the road to the latter parts of the month when I will probably start running out of ideas.

In order to get to 50k as efficiently as possible, consider these methods of word count padding:

  • Include lists of items. Is your character going to the grocery store or on a trip? Perhaps one of your characters likes to make a to do list to start off the day.
  • Introduce a character that likes to spontaneously break into song.
  • Take the time to include a detailed description of the scene. Really get descriptive. Include points on all five of the senses: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Sound. (Ooooh, Look! A list!)
  • Have the character get into a heated back and forth and back and forth argument.
  • Add a prologue or an epilogue. Each is good for an extra 1000 words or so!

Keep that word count flowing! :)

3 Responses
  1. A character breaking into song in the middle of a horror novel... hmmmm. It could work, I suppose, if the person is insane. (Made me laugh to first think about, though.)

  2. Jeff King Says:

    Good luck on finishing, i never pad word count, at the end of the day it is what it is.

  3. Hey Lyla, how's it all going? Your word count is still looking pretty strong there. Is it still all steam ahead?

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