Lyla Campbell

The interwebs is a great place to find lots and lots of tools to help with your writing. So in honor of this completely insane noveling endeavor also known as NaNoWriMo, I've compiled a list of fabulous links with invaluable goodness to aid you on your month long journey (or any other WIP goal you've got going on)

  • The NaNoWriMo Website (stating the obvious here I know...) Peruse the forums for plot bunnies up for adoption. Can be very helpful when you hit the wall and need fresh ideas.

  • The NaNoWriMo Report Card - Stay on top of your word count by keeping track of it with this shnazzy excel spreadsheet.

  • Writing a Si-Fi/Fantasy Novel? Check out these world builder questions. Details lead to more word count!

  • Fill out a character sheet. Again...details, details, details

  • Need a more organized and structured way to get to your 50k goal? Try the snowflake method for writing your novel

  • And the even more extreme write or die for those of you in need of a kick in the writing pants.

    • I'm off to make some serious word count progress...

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      1. Jeff King Says:

        Thx... and good luck.

      2. Good tips. I'm not officially participating this year, as I'm in the middle of my own deadline for a manuscript, but I'm totally keeping up with things!

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