Lyla Campbell

Hello everyone!

Although I've fallen off the blog wagon, I am still here. I promise. However, I've had a lot on my plate lately. For example:
  • I'm working late and long hours for a project to keep us on time and under budget
  • I'm recovering from oral surgery I had last Friday (which the late and long hours are not helping...)
  • I've got a wedding date speeding toward me like a bullet train

The good news is I have been able to keep up with my writing tip tweets (check them out! I'm @SouthernBella03) and I've got some fresh new blog posts I'm going to be rolling out starting TOMORROW!

I hope everyone is poised for a weekend of epic writing. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's post!

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2 Responses
  1. Good to know you're still with us. How is your writing coming that isn't blog-related?

  2. Jeff King Says:

    I love your blog, thx.

    I’ve been without internet access lately, but hopefully that problem is solved.

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