Lyla Campbell

It's another beautiful Friday! Here are some of the writing resources I came across this week:

  • Barbarians: The Character Meme of 2011

  • Beat Blank Page Syndrome: 10 Tricks to Get Your Writing Started

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Novel Unforgettable

  • 11 Reasons You Won't Get Published

  • 9 Traits of Sympathetic Characters

  • What Makes Readers Care About Your Characters?

  • A Classic Nontextbook on Writing

    • I got some great feedback on my last Writing Week in Review so I'm going to make this a regular Friday blog post.

      Let me know if there are topics yous guys are particularly interested in and I'll dedicate a week to links on those as well.

      I hope everyone has a fabulous writing filled and productive weekend!

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      1. K.M. Weiland Says:

        Great list. I've plans to write a post on likable characters, so the link to "9 Traits of Sympathetic Characters" will come in handy as a resource. Thanks!

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