Lyla Campbell

I know that some people out there prefer quiet peace when they write...I am not one of those people.

Music works for me on multiple levels. It can evoke emotion, it can bring back memories, and the words can paint pictures right before your eyes. It keeps my word count movin' right along. In fact, one of my new favorite creative writing exercises is to take 3 - 5 songs, each as different from the other as possible, then create a short story knit together from the plot thread spun out of their verses. I especially love using pandora to mix it up and find some random inspiration if I'm in a writing rut.

So, what are some of your unique ways to drum up inspiration?

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  1. chadmawn Says:

    I write best when I'm alone and have complete silence. But that's pretty rare, so I tend to listen to music, too. I prefer music that lacks lyrics. Classical works best. Mozart, Revel, movie soundtracks (Harry Potter and Wall-E to name a couple), and others. The music does tend to inspire the writing, especially if I've got a wee nip o' Guinness in me. :)

  2. I completely understand what you mean about never having silence. At my office day job, with cronic pen clickers, constant phone conversations, and coworkers lobbing "your mom" jokes over cubicle walls, listening to music (especially my celtic station on pandora) has become essential to keeping my concentration and sanity.

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