Lyla Campbell
A small section on page 76 of No Plot? No Problem! is dedicated to the use of a writing totem. The author, Chris Baty (the founder of NaNoWriMo), describes a totem as something that, "helps you transition from the world of everyday living into the fictional realms you've created."

My writing totem is a singing goat. It's a souvenir from a family trip to Glacier National Park. I purchased it partly because I think goats are cool, partly because the Sound of Music is awesome, and partly because a singing goat was the perfect thing to have in the car to thoroughly annoy my parents on a road trip.

Now, it's what I keep next to my computer during NaNoWriMo writing sessions and beyond. It puts a smile on my face when the creative cogs in my brain grind to a frustrating halt.

So, do you have a writing totem?

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  1. I tend to pin my hair up with a specific jaw clip when I'm going to write. Plus I have a set of Baoding balls I only use in those moments when I need to think about what I'm going to write nest. Not as interesting as a singing goat, but they do the trick. :D

  2. Jeff King Says:

    No... But i should look into it.

  3. chadmawn Says:

    I tend to read over the last couple of pages that I've written while listening to classical music. That usually gets me started. If the creative process stalls after it starts... well that's a bit more difficult.

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