Lyla Campbell

Yesterday was the perfect monday, because it wasnt a Monday at all. Technically it was the first day of the work week...but that's as far as the suckyness went.

I'm actually felling quite good (one could venture to say smarmy even) after the uber productiveness of yesterday's faux Monday. we had a major breakthrough and a stroke of luck on one of our projects, I got in a most fabulous workout on my lunch hour, and I made an impressive amount of progress on my NaNoWriMo outline (I'll post some pics as proof later today). All this on the heels of a redonkulously productive long weekend when an enormus amount of housework and small fix-it projects were accomplished.

EVERY weekend shold be a three day weekend! Did anyone else tap into their fountain of energy over labor day?

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  1. Jeff King Says:

    I did nothing, just the way a three day weekend should be... and i agree that every weekend should be 3 days.

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