Lyla Campbell

Only 20 days left in October...This is a NaNoWriMo Call To Arms!!!

I'm deep in the preparation trenches. My outline is almost done and I'm working on some character sheets.

JOIN ME! Put aside what ever reservations you have. It's exactly the swift kick in the writing pants you need. Hey, don't get snarky...we both know you need it. (I know I do.) But don't just take my word for it, swing by their website and check it out

I'm in the process of updating my NaNo profile and I wanted to take this opportunity to invite my blog peeps to be my writing buddy. My NaNo ID is: Daria03

Having trouble finding me on the site? Check out this link on How to Add a Writing Buddy
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  1. Jeff King Says:

    I doubt i will, but you nearly sold me on it... best of luck.

  2. Amalia T. Says:

    I'll be taking up the challenge! I'm Amalia on the NaNo boards. :) Best of luck to you!! If you've got an outline, you are a step ahead of me already :)

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