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Today my blog turns the big UNO. A year ago today I put up my first post: Coffee Coffee Everywhere But Not a Plot Bunny in Sight At first this blog started as a live journal of sorts chronicling my journey through NaNoWriMo '09. It served that purpose and so much more. Keeping up with the blog posts (ok, ok, attempting to keep up with them...) motivated me to keep up with my writing and take a critical look at the process and lifestyle that goes along with composing prose. As a result I've learned a good deal more about myself, expanded my circle of writing buddies and my writing has benefited greatly.

So, "Thank you!" to all the peeps that have found and followed my blog since Oct 13th of last year. Your comments and support have kept me going! :) You guys are awesome!
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  1. Anji Says:

    Happy Blog Birthday and may you have many more!

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