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My fingertips are tingling in anticipation of NaNo...only one week to go. One thing I do for my WIPs to help me get in the mindset of the story line is to create a "soundtrack." The songs I picked out really capture the spirit of key scenes and characters. In a similar way that people put together a play list for the gym or meditation, Listening to my WIP soundtrack helps me travel to into the fiction and set the mood for my writing.

Even if you're not doing NaNoWriMo (and you know you should) try creating a soundtrack for your current WIP and see where the tunes take your story. You might even find new inspiration along the way.

And now...the NaNoWriMo 2010 Soundtrack:
  1. Fashion - Lady Gaga
  2. Warning - Incubus
  3. Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Starlight - Muse
  5. Castles Made of Sand - Jimmy Hendrix
  6. Next Year - Foo Fighters
  7. Runaway Train - Soul Asylum
  8. It's My Life - Gwen Stefani
  9. I Will Survive - Cake
  10. Animal - Neon Trees
  11. La Vie En Rose - Edith Piaf
Have a listen to the play list here on Grooveshark. I'd love to hear what you have to think. Be sure to drop me a line in the comments...

And as a little something extra on this post, here's an updated synopsis (Jeff made a good point in the comments on the synopsis debut post...It was missing too much of the main problem.) It was difficult to add onto because I didn't want to give away the whole story. Finding the perfect balance between teaser and summary was hard to do.

The right pair of shoes can change a woman's life forever...That is if she's open to change.

Jacqueline has been riding the corporate conveyor belt since college graduation day. Now seven years into her career at an architecture firm in Houston, pressure from herself and her family has kept her drive a live. She's fought long and hard to achieve what she has, sinking her teeth in and refusing to let go.

An unexpected promotion, taking her back to Paris where she spent her childhood, follows on the heels of her purchasing a pair of sleek red patent leather pumps at an estate sale. These new shoes seem to be her lucky charm. Everything goes smoothly until her first day at the new office where she's low man on the totem pole all over again and she must redouble her efforts and ambition to hold her own in the firm's flagship office. Suddenly the shoes don't look so lucky anymore. They've taken her across the ocean and into a maelstrom.

Tides of change are eating away at her castle made of sand. Jacqueline will have to make some difficult decisions about her career. Is the crucible of mental abuse her new boss has tossed her into worth the pain and anxiety? Or will the disappointment of her family and fear of the uncertain tomorrow be harder to bear?

Jacqueline must decide if she wants to take the pot holes in stride or if she dares to step off the conveyor belt. Either way will she trip and fall in her new shoes?

I don't have a title for it quite yet and I realize that the synopsis sounds somewhat disjointed and choppy. Granted, I haven't written a word of text yet, only an almost finished outline and some character notes. It will be much easier to break down the story into a mouth watering morsel once I have everything down on paper (or... in pixels really.)
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  1. K. L. Kerr Says:

    Thanks for the post; I'm a big believer in music being a muse ^_^ In fact, seeing your post inspired me to compile my five current NaNo playlists into a top list, hope you like it!

    Loving your playlist, can't go wrong with a bit of Gaga, and also very much into your expanded synopsis, I know it's difficult to get the balance between keeping the intrigue without ruining the story itself.

    If I don't "talk" to you again before NaNo kicks off, good luck with it!

  2. Jeff King Says:

    Great music list... and good change to the synopsis.

    good luck

  3. Thanks guys! :) I'm really glad you liked the post and the synopsis. I'm looking forward to get it fully formed and the story itself fleshes out.

    K.L. - I love the selections from Orgy and Prodigy on your playlist!

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